Well, this is a good place to say that there won't be any more shows. Due to the pandemic, two of us have left Nashville to be with family.

Still, we played a bunch of great shows and recorded our one-and-done album. It's really good, if we say so ourselves. Check it out below.

Stay tuned, stay home, stay safe, and stay awesome!

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Check out our album "Bananas" at Listen for free or download the full album for seven bucks.

Also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and all your favorite streaming services.

"Fun-loving 2 Tone ska/pop is the order of the day on 'Bananas,' the impressive debut album by new US combo PUSSYCAT DOGHOUSE.... The 12 tunes on offer across 'Bananas' deliver super catchy upbeat rhythms & great sing-a-long choruses with strong male & female vocals."
- Do The Dog Skazine #106

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Ask For The Banana You Want (Official)
The first video from our new album, "Bananas"

First Class Ticket
Live at The Cobra, Nashville TN, August 21, 2019

You Almost Had Me
Skankin' fun at The Cobra, Nashville

If He Were You
Ashley sings one from behind the drum kit.

Living Thing
Our version of the ELO classic, from our New Year's Eve show featuring Freaklesque Nashville.

Have A Beer
At the Lipstick Lounge, Nashville.

Ask For The Banana You Want
The first song of our first show!


Pussycat Doghouse

G. Lee Worden - Vocals/Guitar

Patrick Mosser - Saxophone/Trumpet/Vocals

Kiran Gupta - Keyboards/Trumpet

Ashley Chapman - Vocals/Drums

Bill Bois - Bass/Vocals

Nashville's Friendliest Ska Band

Punky, Funky, Fun, Raucous, Rocking, and Smart Tomfoolery

Here's a review of our January 9, 2019 show at The Basement.

Who Pussycat Doghouse Is

Four of the five members have music degrees, but agree that most audiences don't care if you can play an F# Tristan chord. Everything comes down to groove. If you can bob your head or tap your foot to it, it's good music. And if you can dance to it, that's better still.

Ashley Chapman and Kiran Gupta met at New York University and wrote a musical together as part of their Master's thesis. They went their separate ways after school, but each ended up in Nashville in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

G. Lee Worden earned his Diploma of Jazz at Vancouver Island University before becoming lead guitarist for Canadian star Ian Tyson. He plays guitar, bass, keys, and drums, and has toured and recorded with dozens of artists. He moved to Nashville in 2014.

In 2011, Patrick Mosser was teaching music in a Kentucky high school when his aunt, singer Jonell Mosser, talked him into moving to Nashville. The first musician she introduced him to was Bill Bois, whose band happened to need a sax player. That band became the award-winning jump jive quintet, Eight O'Five Jive.

How Pussycat Doghouse Met

When Nashville musicians want to meet other Nashville musicians, they go to the blues jams. The members of Pussycat Doghouse knew each other from the jams, and had played with each other in various combinations over the years.

Shortly after Eight O'Five Jive broke up, Patrick and Bill were at a blues jam wondering what to do next. Lee walked up to them and said, "Y'know, we should start a ska band."

Bill and Patrick looked at each other, then looked back at Lee. "Yes," Patrick said, "yes, we should."

Ten minutes later, Kiran and Ashley were on board, too. Without playing a note or writing any songs, they were a band.

No fuss, no muss, just a lot of energy and fun.

What Now?

Pussycat Doghouse's first and only album, "Bananas," was recorded in a single day, direct to tape with no click track, not much autotune, and very few overdubs. Listen to it on any of the major streaming service or download it at Bandcamp.

"You guys have just the right amount of wrong." - Dan Monoco


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